China Anti Abrasive Belt Reducer for Cooling Tower with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

 Anti abrasive Belt Reducer For CZPT Tower

Newin NBR series belt reducer is utilised for round cooling tower, the belt has excellent elasticity. The Belt is the center portion, it can be in a certain variety according to the need to decide on the duration, to adapt nicely the middle distance specifications of the more substantial functioning situations. Belt reducer has the characteristics of basic framework, steady operation, tiny vibration, lower sound, CZPT support daily life, and so on.


-Substantial functioning reliability, no require to change the belt stress, fully fix the maintenance operate induced by belt slippage

-High transmission performance, fully fix the CZPT loss brought on by belt slippage, and the air output of the admirer is more assured

-Convenient set up: the CZPT is an integrated construction, which helps make installation less complicated and a lot more handy, minimizes set up specifications and reduces installation labor expenses.


Product Nos.of
H H1 H2 H3 ∅1 ∅2 ∅3 ∅4 N-ØD K T
NSR-five 2 forty five fifty a hundred seventy five 76 355 three hundred 263 34 4-∅13 37 8
NSR-6 3 sixty five sixty 225 105 456 348 three hundred 38 four-∅14 forty one 8
NSR-8 4 eighty five sixty two 265 120 456 428 390 fifty 6-∅16 fifty three 12
NSR-ten 4 85 sixty two 310 135 608 five hundred 450 fifty four-∅16 53 twelve
NSR-12 5 105 62 310 143 660 five hundred 450 sixty 4-∅16 63 12
NSR-fourteen 6 a hundred twenty five 62 320 153 660 500 450 seventy five 6-∅16 seventy nine.5 twenty

Set up AND Application

NBR belt reducer is easier installation, dependable transmission, far more conserving overall price, far better efficient cooling impact than classic transmission technique, it is effortless installation and routine maintenance.

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China Anti Abrasive Belt Reducer for Cooling Tower with ce certificate top quality Good price