China Coil Winding Wire Tensioner Used Magnetic Damper with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Coil Winding Wire Tensioner Used CZPT ic Damper

A. Characteristics of magnetic damper

1. The magnetic damper and title pressure controller, tension handle or brake, is a consistent torque transmission medium of the magnetic area of the gadget.

Damping disk with magnets, no sliding friction with out speak to, the provider existence is CZPT , rigidity control incredibly secure.

2. Installation straightforward construction, the output torque is convenient adjustment.

three. Composition compact layout, small size, can be in all kinds of continual work position.

B. CZPT ic damper adjustment methods and use the issues needing attention

one. CZPT mmends that CZPT ers will scale price transferred to use 4 or previously mentioned, if this time tension way too massive, had far better select a smaller sized dimension specs of damper.

two. If in scale price under 4, could have utilized the pulse of the force. Remember to click HouXiang 3 said way remove pulse.

3. Loosen screw, will turn to ten, change the scale axis at the exact same time sluggish will scale turn to , and then flip to
Scale required to tighten lock screw, worth.

four. If use appeared in the procedure of pressure, you should repeat the earlier mentioned phenomenon pulsation adjustment method 3 actions till the content rigidity.

5. Damper magnet make media magnetic discipline, use materials, the use of large brittle do not open it, lest attaint elements.

C. CZPT ic damper specification

Applied wire diamiter(mm)
Tension scope(cn)
φ 0.04_ φ 0.08
10g_ 50 g
φ 0.09_ φ 0.15
40g_ 150 g
φ 0.16_ φ 0.50
160g_ 1200 g
φ 0.forty_ φ 1.00
200g_ 2000g
φ 1.00_ φ 3.00
800g_ 3600g
φ 3.00_ φ 6.00
3600g_ 6500g



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China Coil Winding Wire Tensioner Used Magnetic Damper with ce certificate top quality Good price