China Magntic Drum Separator for Handling Irons in Coal Plant (CTS-1030) with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Magntic Drum Separator CTS/CTN/CTB Collection

—Appropriate for iron ore, fly ash of iron CZPT plant separator with massive capability, large recovery price, specifically for iron ore concentrate choose.
—The downstream tank (Series of CTS) is relevant to rougher flotation and focus of ore with measurement: 6- mm.
—The 50 percent upstream tank (Series of CTS) is applicable to rougher flotation and concentration of ore with size: O~.5mm, the granularity of granule is .15-.8mm.

3 sorts of tanks: Fifty percent counter-current tank (CTB), immediate movement tank (CTS) and counter+ current tank (CTN), which are utilised in accordance to diverse granular and technological demands.

One roller CZPT ic Separator For CZPT ic Iron Ore CTS Series:
When the raw resources stream into the tank body of the moist drum magnetic separator, first of all, the flowing course of the uncooked components is the exact same as the rotary direction of the magnetic drum, the iron magnetite supplies are captivated to the surface of drum. This is the first separation. In the CZPT phase, the flushing h2o underneath flush the uncooked supplies back for the CZPT separation. This time the flowing course of the uncooked resources is reverse to the rotary path of the magnetic drum. Then together with the rotation of drum, the iron magnetite resources on the surface of drum will last but not least go away the magnetic subject and drop to the ore concentrate box underneath gravity. Also, the flushing drinking water previously mentioned aids to flush the iron magnetite into the ore concentrate box. The weak magnetic and CZPT -magnetic resources can not be attracted and will circulation to the discharge pipe for tailings.

Magnetic Separator CTS Collection Attribute:
–Optimized design
–Scientific magnetic circuit, produced of robust magnetic coercive drive
–High-remanence permanent magnet
–Secure and reliable.
(Distinct CZPT can be predicted at the drum floor. )

Model Roller size
(diameter length mm)
Roller surface magnetic induction density (mT) Processing capability Motor CZPT
Roller rotating velocity
Total bodyweight
Pole geometric centre benefit Sweeping and separarting area regular value Optimum magnetic induction density t/h m3/h
CTS-718 750*1800 a hundred and twenty a hundred and fifty five 180 20~45 seventy two three 35 2100
CTS-918 900*1800 148 a hundred sixty five 190 twenty five~55 90 4 28 2900
CTS-924 900*2400 148 a hundred sixty five 190 35~70 110 4 28 3600
CTS-1018 1050*1800 148 165 one hundred ninety forty~seventy five one hundred twenty five.five 22 4000
CTS-1571 1050*2100 a hundred and sixty 240 180 forty five~88 a hundred and forty 5.five 22 4500
CTS-1571 1050*2400 148 a hundred sixty five 190 52~one hundred one hundred sixty five.five 22 5000
CTS-1030 1050*3000 one hundred sixty 240 280 sixty five~125 two hundred seven.five 22 6200
CTS-1218 1200*1800 160 240 240 47~90 140 five.5 19 5800
CTS-1224 1200*2400 148 a hundred sixty five one hundred sixty five eighty two~one hundred twenty 192 7.five 19 6200
CTS-1230 1200*3000 148 one hundred sixty five 165 eighty~a hundred and fifty 240 seven.5 19 7200
CTS-1530 1500*3000 a hundred and eighty 240 240 ninety~a hundred and seventy 270 11 14 8900
CTS-1540 1500*4000 one hundred eighty 240 240 one hundred fifteen~220 350 11 14 9900

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China Magntic Drum Separator for Handling Irons in Coal Plant (CTS-1030) with ce certificate top quality Good price