China Stainless Steel Material, Hopo Sliding Roller or Pulley, for Window and Door Hardware with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

Stainless Metal Material, Hopo Sliding Roller or pulley, for CZPT -Duty Sliding Door

Name Model NO Content Packing Application
Sliding roller R01.122007.571   20pcs per case ,5cases per box sliding door
R06.122207.571 stainless steel heavy-duty sliding door/window
R06.122207.38 stainless steel
R12.121805.571   sliding door
R13.163107.38 stainless steel 30pcs per case ,1cases per box sliding door
R14.163107.38 stainless steel
R15.122305.38 stainless steel 60pcs per case ,1cases per box
R16.161100.571   50pcs per case ,5cases per box
R18.152507.38 stainless steel 15pcs per case ,4cases per box
R21.224415.38 stainless steel 20pcs per case ,1cases per box
R24.152507.38 stainless steel 50pcs per case ,1cases per box
R25.152305.1T38 stainless steel 20pcs per case ,4cases per box
R25.152305.2T38 stainless steel
R25.152305.38 stainless steel
R26.122206.38 stainless steel 20pcs per case ,4cases per box

From 2003, CZPT experienced many measures of growth in facets of goods, services, and brand name picture.
The first growth of the business was CZPT ed by the market demand for sliding windows and doorways, while CZPT pean organizations had number of options for it.  Rollers for different grooves, CZPT locking remedies for C groove leaf profiles, many flush locks and pull handles have been created for sliding doors and home windows. The smart design of the C groove locking system accomplished numerous remedies, unlockable resolution with sq. spindle handles or folks handles, lockable answer with cylinder for entrance door, pull take care of for weighty doorway remedies, that coated all assortment of people’s demand for sliding windows and doors.  From the cooperation with and companies to fabricators, CZPT became the leading manufacturer in this field.  Patents have been registered for hundreds of items.
Based on introspection of classic CZPT pean merchandise, CZPT has redeveloped some new remedies, tilt-flip home windows for alu-wooden profiles, with sliding keep capabilities, with fixed turning-width remedies carry-sliding doorway fittings with cost-free-corner options casement home windows and doors with K groove profiles.  Optimized construction designs and supplies utility make CZPT fittings with a lot more fluent running experience and prolonged life time.  In these item ranges, the company’s approach is to make the very best home windows and doorways hardware in the world.  These good quality items brought quite constructive impact to the manufacturer graphic of CZPT in the market.
In process of internationalization, we attained an thought that diverse markets or market at diverse degree of growth may possibly have various requires for windows and doors. These CZPT ized or bespoke program design targeted immediately to needs from particular markets. Some areas may possibly have special requirement for thermal split program, while other locations may possibly concentrate specially on extreme water-evidence or storm resistance good quality. Some regions may possibly have special requirements for protection or protection.
All CZPT efforts of goods and services developments are ultimately focusing on on CZPT ers, demands for windows and doorways.  And we will not stop at any success accomplished up to now and encounter to difficulties from any factors or instructions.

HOPO high quality experiment centre, a examination center to examine the good quality of spare areas and concluded goods, is made and fashioned by CZPT QC division. Checks of stamina, weather conditions-evidence, over-load functionality are made to simulate real software circumstances. In this way, we can discover issues much more right and effectively than 3rd-get together check, thus resolving the problem much more effectively.  Certificate software for patented new goods, specially method resolution for specified window operation has been completed in cooperation with some CZPT pean test firms according to EN standard.

Q:Are you a manufacturing facility or trade organization?
A:Indeed,we are SGS Audit facory , found in HangZhou City, ZheJiang province , CZPT .
Q:Do you accept ODM or OEM project?
A:Sure, We are professional in CZPT and ODM ,we have powerful R&D staff.
Q:What is the normal lead time in your factory?
A:About 30 days after the receipt of confirmed order and payments for bulk goodssample delivery 3-5 days later.
Q:What payment term do you accept?
A:We can accept T/T.
Q:What is normal handle’s materials?
A:The major is Zinc Alloy and CZPT Alloy. The technologies integrated anodized and painted.
Q:If the CZPT er are unable to set up , how to offer?
A:We can offer totally free installation supervision and related drawing.


Roller: A normal pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a wider pulley commonly employed in cable methods, allowing the cable to be wound close to several instances the diameter of the reel.
China Stainless Steel Material, Hopo Sliding Roller or Pulley, for Window and Door Hardware with ce certificate top quality Good price