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China Coil Winding Machine Wire Guide Tensioner Parts Magnetic Damper with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Coil Winding CZPT Wire Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Tensioner Elements CZPT ic Damper

A&interval Attributes of magnetic damper
1&period of time The magnetic damper and title stress controller&comma stress handle or brake&comma is a continuous torque transmission medium of the magnetic discipline of the system&period of time
Damping disk with magnets&comma no sliding friction without having make contact with&comma the support existence is CZPT &comma pressure management really stable&time period
two&period Set up straightforward framework&comma the output torque is practical adjustment&period of time
three&period Framework compact design&comma little measurement&comma can be in all kinds of constant operate placement&time period
B&interval CZPT ic damper adjustment strategies and use the issues needing interest
1&time period CZPT mmends that CZPT ers will scale price transferred to use 4 or previously mentioned&comma if this time rigidity too large&comma had far better select a scaled-down dimension specs of damper&time period
two&time period If in scale price beneath 4&comma may have utilized the pulse of the power&interval Remember to simply click HouXiang 3 stated way eradicate pulse&period of time
three&period Loosen screw&comma will flip to 10&comma change the scale axis at the same time slow will scale flip to &comma and then change to
Scale essential to tighten lock screw&comma worth&period
four&period If use appeared in the method of tension&comma make sure you repeat the earlier mentioned phenomenon pulsation adjustment strategy 3 measures until the happy tension&interval
five&time period Damper magnet make media magnetic field&comma use substance&comma the use of big brittle do not open it&comma lest attaint parts&period

Model Applied wire diamiter&lparmm&rpar Pressure scope&lparcn&rpar
MTB-02 φ &period04&lowbar φ &period08 10g&lowbar fifty g
MTB-03 φ &period09&lowbar φ &period15 40g&lowbar a hundred and fifty g
MTB-04 φ &period16&lowbar φ &period50 160g&lowbar 1200 g
MTB-05 φ &period40&lowbar φ 1&period00 200g&lowbar 2000g
MTB-06 φ 1&period00&lowbar φ 3&period00 800g&lowbar 3600g
MTB-08 φ 3&period00&lowbar φ 6&period00 3600g&lowbar 6500g

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China Coil Winding Machine Wire Guide Tensioner Parts Magnetic Damper with ce certificate top quality Good price